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Palliative Care

Palliative care is the active, total care of patients whose illness no longer responds to curative treatment and who wish to have the best quality of life for themselves and their families.
If a patient chooses to remain in their own home during a terminal illness we will provide specialist care, focusing on pain control and alleviating the symptoms associated with terminal illness.

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The Lawrence Home Nursing Team provides palliative care through its team of professional nurses who are specifically trained in this area of medicine. Our aim is to ease suffering and enhance the quality of life, both for the patient and their family.

David Cameron - LHNT's Patron

"Sometimes I point to West Oxfordshire as a classic place where people are already involved in what I call the 'Big Society' - where many people do so much to help each other in the community. The Lawrence Home Nursing Team is a prime example of such an organisation and as their Patron I know just how important this charity is to our community.

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Dr Jonathan Moore
Chairman of LHNT comments

"I have become increasingly aware of the vast number of people that contribute to the LHNT; each one in their own way is vital to our existence and continued success".

Recent Testimonials

“I cannot praise highly enough the work of the Lawrence nurses who looked after my husband in the final week of his life. Their care and compassion was exemplary. I shall be eternally grateful for the service they provided”

“The Lawrence Home Nursing Team provided absolutely superb support and care to my mother during the last six days of her life following a severe stroke. We were enormously impressed by the professionalism, sensitivity and compassion of all the nurses who attended my mother. Their expertise and care reassured us that our mother suffered as little as possible as her life ebbed quietly away”

“Thank you to all of you that helped to look after our Mum during the last weeks of her life. We enjoyed your reassuring presence and the chats, laughter and comfort that you brought to us. A special thank you to the Nurse, who accompanied us during the first and last night. We were happy you were there”

“The speed with which the Team was able to mobilise to help my wife was impressive. In the event things moved quickly and for me a strong impression was of a lovely smiling lady arriving ready to give help as needed. Thanks indeed”

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