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Our Care Services

Palliative care is available to patients with any illness who have reached the last few weeks of life and wish to remain at home. Our patients are in the most experienced and caring of hands. Night and day.

We work closely with the Primary Healthcare team (General Practitioner and District Nurse) they are responsible for overseeing care. They arrange any equipment that is needed, for example a hospital bed or pressure mattresses. They also prescribe and supply medication. We work closely with the Palliative Care Nurse Specialist (PCNS) based at The Katharine House Hospice, Adderbury. Our team of registered nurses are all experienced in end of life care. They give support to patients and their carers in their own homes. These nurses are all able to give medication to control symptoms; either orally or by injection.

We care. Day and Night.
We know that the nights can be a very frightening and trying time for patients. Which is why we offer overnight cover from 10 pm to 6.30 am. During the day, we are able to offer periods of a few hours of care to free up time for family or carers to keep appointments or run errands. There is no set timetable to the care we offer. Our palliative care is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Care when you most need it.
We are often able to action care rapidly. For example, if a patient is being looked after at home by carers, we would work alongside them to provide the extra help needed to prevent the patient being admitted to a hospital. We find nights are the most difficult time for patients and carers and it is therefore nights that we most frequently cover. Referrals can come via GPs, District Nurses, PCNS, Hospitals and Hospices. You can also phone us direct but we would always need to refer back to your own GP to provide ongoing care. We are not able to offer long term care to patients. If you need help of this nature you can contact the Social and Health care Team for advice on 0845 050 7666.

What’s it like to be a nurse with the Lawrence Home Nursing Team?
Read a nurse’s story about what it is like to be a nurse with the Lawrence Home Nursing Team. She read her very interesting and moving account at the 2014 AGM.

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Our nurses. The heart of what we don katrina brownn jenny nolan
The Lawrence Home Nursing Team uses a team of 18 experienced registered nurses who work in close partnership with patients, their families, GPs, Community Nurses, Community Hospitals, Hospices, the Marie Curie and Macmillan nursing services.

Our team of highly qualified nurses is led by the Registered Manager and Nursing Co-ordinator, Jenny Nolan. Together with her deputy, Katrina Brown, they are responsible for all aspects of a patient's care, from the day they are referred to the Lawrence Home Nursing Team. They also coordinate nursing care, liaise with GPs and community nurses and arrange on-going training in palliative care for all the nurses who work for the Lawrence Home Nursing Team.

The nurses hold regular clinical meetings and attend ongoing training in palliative and end of life care; as well as updating their general nursing skills. The Manager is responsible for ensuring that our clinical standards meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission. She reports regularly to the Trustees to keep them informed of all aspects of the Lawrence Home Nursing Team’s clinical performance.


  • “I cannot praise highly enough the work of the Lawrence nurses who looked after my husband in the final week of his life. Their care and compassion was exemplary. I shall be eternally grateful for the service they provided”
  • “The Lawrence Home Nursing Team provided absolutely superb support and care to my mother during the last six days of her life following a severe stroke. We were enormously impressed by the professionalism, sensitivity and compassion of all the nurses who attended my mother. Their expertise and care reassured us that our mother suffered as little as possible as her life ebbed quietly away”
  • “Thank you to all of you that helped to look after our Mum during the last weeks of her life. We enjoyed your reassuring presence and the chats, laughter and comfort that you brought to us. A special thank you to the Nurse, who accompanied us during the first and last night. We were happy you were there”
  • “The speed with which the Team was able to mobilise to help my wife was impressive. In the event things moved quickly and for me a strong impression was of a lovely smiling lady arriving ready to give help as needed. Thanks indeed”

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