“In 1997 I joined West Street Surgery, Chipping Norton, to complete my training to become a GP, and I was fortunate to have Dr Martin Lawrence as one of my supervisors. I was in awe of his clinical and academic brilliance, and it was extremely daunting to be asked to look after his devoted patients when he became ill. I remain in awe of his inspiring vision to create an end-of-life nursing service for the community he served.

General Practice provides care from cradle to grave, and we try to support our community through life’s challenges. We are so fortunate to have the Lawrence Home Nursing Team. They combine high standards of nursing excellence with care and compassion for the patient and their loved ones. I can be confident that if I ask for their help, they will do everything in their power to enable my patient to die in their own home.

As a GP it is a privilege to walk alongside my patients as they approach the end of life and to facilitate a peaceful death surrounded by care. Thank you to the Lawrence Home Nursing Team for being there for patients and their GPs since 1999, providing this invaluable service.”

Dr Wendy Hall, Chipping Norton Health Centre

“We are in no doubt that the support the Lawrence Home Nursing Team provided to our family enabled my wife to end her life as we all wished, peacefully in her own home.  It’s impossible to put a price on this.  It’s our hope that the incredible service the nurses provide remains available for others who find themselves in similar situations.”

“The Lawrence Home Nursing Team provided absolutely superb support and care to my mother during the last six days of her life following a severe stroke. We were enormously impressed by the professionalism, sensitivity and compassion of all the nurses who attended my mother. Their expertise and care reassured us that our mother suffered as little as possible as her life ebbed quietly away”

“I cannot praise highly enough the work of the Lawrence nurses who looked after my husband in the final week of his life. Their care and compassion was exemplary. I shall be eternally grateful for the service they provided”

“Thank you to all of you that helped to look after our Mum during the last weeks of her life. We enjoyed your reassuring presence and the chats, laughter and comfort that you brought to us. A special thank you to the Nurse, who accompanied us during the first and last night. We were happy you were there.”

“The nurses helped with the difficult conversations we needed to have but they also enabled life to continue, memories to be made and death to be dignified.”