Jenny Nolan receives an MBE from the Prince of Wales

On Wednesday, 10th May we ventured out of the county and headed for Windsor Castle. With only a couple of wrong turns, we found ourselves on ‘The Long Walk’ with the Castle basking in the sunshine up ahead (fortunately the downpours took place once we were safely inside). Priority parking is a definite perk of an MBE and we parked up just outside the Castle’s entrance. During the short walk to the entrance we managed to see the Changing of the Guards.

We processed through the Castle’s ornately decorated rooms accompanied by a String Orchestra. My MBE was presented by Prince William in a room that seemed to have been dipped in gold, or so I’m told as at that point I was purely focussing on breathing! Prince Williams showed genuine interest in the charity, asking the name and how it was doing financially given the current climate.

Fortunately, I had 3 guests with me who did take the time to appreciate the Gold Room, and also complimented me on my backward walk and bow! We continued the celebrations with a lovely meal in Windsor with the rest of the family. The excitement of Granny receiving an MBE wasn’t quite on a par with the realisation that there was strawberry ice cream but it was close!

I would like to end by recognising the multitude of people who have played a part in the Lawrence Home Nursing Team to date. It is only due to the supportive nature of the community and the hard work of many, too many to name, dedicated people, that the Lawrence Home Nursing Team has become what it is and has made today’s award possible.

Although I may be technically retired, the Lawrence Home Nursing Team remains a pivotal part of my life.

Jenny Nolan