Registered Nurse Manager Appointed

The Lawrence Home Nursing Team is delighted to announce the appointment of Wendy Palfrey, to the position of permanent, Registered Nurse Manager.

Wendy has worked for a neighbouring NHS Healthcare Trust for many years where she has developed her extensive community nursing and managerial experience. Wendy brings an abundance of enthusiasm and empathy to the post, essential ingredients for managing
a team of dedicated nurses delivering excellent end-of-life care.

Wendy will replace interim Registered Nurse Manager, Michele Booth, who will step down from this role in September 2023 but will continue to work for the Team, principally as a bank nurse coordinator, after she has completed the handover and Wendy’s induction training.

We look forward to welcoming Wendy to the Lawrence Home Nursing Team in August 2023.

For further information, please contact Verity Fifer, Head of Fundraising and Communications, telephone: 07990 882233 or email here.