Why I support Lawrence Home Nursing by David Best

Lawrence Home Nursing Team (LHNT)provided compassionate end of life support for my wife Sarah, enabling her to spend her last days at home surrounded by her family when the hospital said that there was nothing more they could do for her. Their wonderful support should be available to anyone who sadly needs it.

The NHS provided superb care for Sarah during the day with a team of District Nurses, but they do not provide support during the night if for example extra pain relief is required.

Guided by a patient’s needs and wishes the LHNT nurses work closely with GPs and community nurses to help manage symptoms and give each person the care that is right for them. And by helping people to relax and feel like themselves the nurses make sure patients, and their families get the most out of their last few moments together. The team offers care whenever it’s needed, whether that’s for a few hours in the day or through the night.

LHNT look after anyone, 18 and over, who is in their last weeks of life. Patients are referred by GPs, community and specialist nurses, hospitals, hospices and sometimes family members.

LHNT receives less than 10% of its income from the government. The rest comes from donations which is why I have become a volunteer and fundraiser. I am competing in the 10-mile Great South Run in October to raise money for this fantastic charity.

I am a rower not a runner, but I have received advice on how to prepare for the event from Chris Hall and Becky Hodgson at Hall Personal Training where I go for weights and cardio work. As well as providing expert and comprehensive training and nutritional advice, Hall Personal Training hold regular events through the year and has been described as “part gym part social club” – people join for the coaching but stay for the community. You meet regular faces during training and make friends. It helped to keep me sane when adjusting to life without Sarah and helped me when I started drinking heavily.

The reason for writing this article is threefold:
Firstly, to increase awareness of the Lawrence Home Nursing Team.
Secondly, to raise money for the Lawrence Home Nursing Team.
Thirdly, to promote good health and raise awareness of Hall Person Training.

If you would like to donate, please go to: www.justgiving.com/page/david-best-1695981719134

If you would like more information about Hall Person Training at their Deddington on Kiddlington studios, please go to: